Pedigree Name: Grama Open Main
Show Name: Mister Banks
Barn Name: Chachi

Selle Français, 2003, 16.3 Hands, 170cm

Imported from Argentina in 2011, this magnificent Stallion affectionately nicknamed Chachi, is a true athlete, being very muscular and beautifully proportioned.  Further, he has the perfect Selle Français temperament, tons of personality, with a keen intelligence and willing disposition.  He’s fun to be around, very sociable, has a natural curiosity, loves people and loves to work.

Chachi is considered an intermediate jumper and excels at Dressage with a recent 3rd place at the WDAA 2017 Western Dressage World Championship Show, Guthrie, OK, ridden by Kayla Kuebler.


The Selle Français’ gene pool is one of the richest in the world and is France’s answer to the perfect eventing horse.  It has been aggressively bred for the show ring, crossing native French horses with Thoroughbreds and adding a dash of French Trotter for flash. Selle Français Sires are second to none when it comes to passing on their jumping qualities to their offspring.

Chachi is the successful result of these breeding programs, as he has inherited the genetics of most of the Selle Français “Foundation Stallions”.   His bloodlines are a very impressive list of the most influential sources of showjumping and dressage champions that can be found anywhere.

The Most Important Modern Selle Français Lines!

According to experts “…A pedigree is a truthful blueprint of the animal’s ancestry.”

While one can never be guaranteed of which genes will be passed on, Chachi has an impressive list of some of the most elite names in the Selle Français lineage, with a predominance of the Ibrahim 4x5x6 bloodlines via both the lines of Double Espoir (Bayard D’elle) and Alme Z  (Jalisco B, Quito De Baussy) and the Dark Ronald (1905) bloodlines (Cottage Son, Ramiro Z, Furioso, Furioso II 5×6, Voltaire ), all ancestors with powerful genetic packages.

It’s obvious from his prodigy that he is stamping these genetics to his offspring.  (please see page Featured Stallion for more details)

One simply has to peruse the pages of The Thoroughbred Roots of Modern Show Jumpers  to see these names repeat over and over, along with the tremendous successes and championships as top level competitors.  It’s easy to see that this beautiful stud’s genetic lines are highly sought after and command premium prices throughout the world.

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