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Exceptional Genetics of the World’s Best Hunter Jumpers, Eventing and Dressage!

According Ken Levy, an expert with deep experience with Hunter Jumpers, Eventing and Dressage, he found that North America had one additional level of challenge for most competitors and trainers.  That challenge is that a lot of people in the USA have very average horses.  “They have quarter horses and they have thoroughbreds.  Not everyone has what people view about Dressage, are expensive, imported Warmbloods.  And in fact, the vast majority of people don’t.”

Horses that are “Born From the Stud” to do Dressage, have the breeding, the talent, the conformation to be at the World Class level.

“A certain amount of those horses are born every year, and most people don’t have them.  What they have… horses that need a lot of work to make them go the way we want to go in Dressage.”

We are fortunate to have “Chachi” in Manitoba, with an elite gene pool that consists of many the most successful Olympian and Grand Prix champion-competition horses that the world has ever seen.

Selle Francais Stallions are not readily available in Canada, yet their gene pool is one of the richest in the world and is France’s answer to the perfect eventing horse. It has been aggressively bred for the show ring, crossing native French horses with Thoroughbreds and adding a dash of French Trotter for flash.  Selle Français Sires are second to none when it comes to passing on their jumping qualities to their offspring.

Grama Open Main (Chachi) affectionately nicknamed Chachi, was Imported from Argentina in 2011. He is a big, impressive Stallion, a true athlete, being very muscular, beautifully proportioned, with excellent conformation and elastic movement.  He has the perfect Selle Français enjoyable temperament passed on from his ancestors, which can only be described as friendly, sweet and well behaved.  He has tons of personality, high intelligence, willing disposition, loves people, and loves to work. At his Stallion licensing, he received a 10 for scope, 9 for jump technique, movement, and gaits, placing first at his licensing and second nationally. Inspector comments included: “very correct conformation, very athletic jumper, nice swing, good gallop”

This versatile stallion has a large ground eating stride and a bold effortless jump, yet he also shows well in the dressage ring as he is very soft, supple and elastic.

PERFORMANCE:  Recent 3rd place at the 2017 World Western Dressage, he has medalled at most every jumping and dressage competition that he has entered. Details upon request.


His genetics say it all with elite bloodlines from generations of Olympic and Grand Prix champions!  Please click the link below.

Link to Pedigree / Bloodlines

His Tail Sire line is the Ibrahim line, (Bayard D’Elle, Double Espoir) considered to be “one of the greatest stallions in the history of horse breeding” and a Foundation Stallion in the Selle Francais bloodlines, he was a prolific Thoroughbred stallion, who now has progeny competing at the highest level of show jumping. His bloodlines are so prolific that his son Alme z is also considered to be a Selle Francais foundation Stallion.

His Sire’s Dam-Sire line is the Foundation Stallion line of Alme z (Quito De Baussy, Jalisco B). “Today Almé is the only stallion in the World to have fathered two World Champions and three Olympic horses. During the Eighties an Olympic team could have been made up of his sons alone. Only Furioso could have done that in the sixties. “The only horse with a comparable family tree and with whom he has often been compared is Northern Dancer. Almé’s legacy is already assured by the extraordinary quality of his sons.

His Dam-Sire is Voltair, (Furioso II, Furioso) a Hanoverian stallion with tremendous jumping ability. As an 8 year old Voltaire jumped 1.50 m. courses with a great deal of success. He showed his strength in international jumping in 1988 in Calgary, Stockholm, Lanaken, Helsinki, Wiesbaden and Wembley and in 1989 he brought his showjumping career to a successful ending by winning the Grand Prix of Berlin with Jos Lansink and 2nd in the Grand Prix of Leeuwarden. Voltaire was the sire with the most offspring at the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996. Moreover the world-famous Voltaire is second on the World Breeding Ranking of Showjumping Sires.

While not readily available in Canada, the Selle Français boasts renowned genetics that are exported worldwide. Its genetics fed the best Stud-Books. Chachi stamps his wonderful Selle Francais traits on his offspring to create beautiful babies, and, as well, there exists the potential for elite world class progeny if bred to a mare with similar, quality sport horse genetics.

In any event, whether you want a nice, well tempered athletic horse, or have the desire to create an elite sport horse, Chachi has a great genetic package with that potential.


Chachi stamps his offspring with his athleticism and personality!

JFK Geronimo
(Grama Open Main/Fernet Branca)
2013 Selle Francais colt
Out of: Fantasia
This stunning colt is all about presence, the “Mini Me” of his sire.
Foals this correct are few and far between.
Great bone and a great physical appeal makes this the ideal prospect for any Jumper rider!

JFK Gemini
(Grama Open Main/Weissgold)
2013 Selle Francais filly
Out of: Wildwood
This compact filly has a nice short back and very uphill movement.
The dam of this filly has stamped her with the extension all dressage riders dream of, while her sire has given her good bone and an honest temperament.

JFK Grenouille
(Grama Open Main/Kajak Du Moulin)
2013 Selle Francais filly
Out of: Kalinka Du Moulin
This leggy filly has the temperament any amateur rider looks for.
She has nice bone, a short back and is very correct.
The future is looking very promising for this prospect to go down any career path!

JFK Guava
(Grama Open Main/Imagine That)
2013 Selle Français

(Grama Open Main/Luna Lovegood)


Registry Name: Grama Open Main,
Competition Name: Mister Banks,
Barn Name: Chachi
Registry: Selle Francais
Sport – Jumping, Dressage
CWHBA #: MB-[CAN]APPR4217-03 S
Date of Birth: 2003
Colour: chestnut
Height: 17.1 Hands
Owner and Contact: Edward Balcewich 204-891-6933  or
Standing: Stonemare Farms, Anola, MB
Web Site: